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Condescending comments about grannies should be consigned to the past, says June Lowe

Fiona Beckett, identifying “five insta-friendly rosés” (Coming up rosé, G2, 19 July) says of the Emil Bauer Always Enjoy Life … Pinot Noir that “even your granny would enjoy the delicious rose-scented contents”. Well, she might be right. As a granny to 14 grandchildren I am happy to confirm that I enjoy a glass of rosé. It’s the “even” that bothers me: is Fiona referring to the discernment accrued with increasing years? I think not. May we, perhaps, infer that she considers that we “grannies” are ignorant and unskilled in the selection of a fine wine, which is the domain of others? And that our olfactory delights are confined to the smell of roses? If Fiona is lucky enough in the future to have grandchildren, I do hope that she does not have to endure the condescension and dismissive arrogance that the women of my generation continue to fight to eliminate, and free older women from: the misogyny that is the canker within such casual comments.
June Lowe

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