Brent Savage's vegetarian recipes: salted cucumbers and carrots with quinoa and kale


The chef of vegetarian bistro Yellow shares three impressive but easy-to-make recipes to celebrate World Meat Free Day

For years, Sydney’s Bentley restaurant was the go-to destination for vegan and vegetarian diners looking for something more exciting than the proverbial mushroom risotto. Chef Brent Savage, who credits his vegetarian wife with giving him an insight into the challenges of finding great vegetarian food in Sydney, demonstrated just how delicious and interesting vegetarian dishes could be.

In 2013 he opened vegetarian bistro Yellow in Potts Point, Sydney, to great acclaim. At the time, he said: “I was excited about the opportunity to collaborate with my growers to showcase vegetables as the star on the plate – rather than playing second fiddle to a piece of protein.”

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