Chef and activist Alice Waters: 'Beauty is the language of care'


In her much-anticipated memoir, Alice Waters describes how Montessori ideas about ‘learning by doing’ inspire her in everything from running a kitchen to her work on reforming schools

Like most people in the world, I had no idea what I was going to do after I graduated. I was waitressing, and doing the Alice’s Restaurant column with my artist friend David Goines. I had my fantasy of a little French bistro, but it never felt like a real way to support myself. I was also finding out more about Montessori teaching. My sister Ellen’s friend Barb Carlitz was a Montessori teacher, and I was fascinated by the philosophy. I could never learn in the abstract, and Montessori was all about learning through your senses, learning by doing. Lots of games employed food or taste, and all the materials were so beautiful. It felt like a school reform movement, a hopeful way to enact change.

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