Co-op to sell food past its 'best before' date in bid to cut waste


Goods such as pasta, crisps and rice will be cut to 10p and sold for a further month at East of England Co-op

A major retailer has become the first to start selling food that is past its “best before” date in a drive to reduce food waste.

From this week, the East of England Co-op – the biggest independent retailer in East Anglia – will sell tinned goods and dried food such as pasta, crisps and rice for a nominal 10p once they reach their best-before date. The offer will not apply to fresh and perishable foods, however, which carry a “use by” date indicating when a product is safe to eat.

‘Best by’ or ‘best before’ date labels only refer to when food is at its best and tend to be used for quality control by retailers. For this reason it is perfectly safe to sell food at or after its ‘best before’ date.

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