Don’t get too egg-cited about the contamination scandal – our food is safe| Rachel McCormack


Ignore the food morality police. It has always been an international business, and what we eat comes with strictly enforced standards

And so here we are again. Another egg scandal. This time it’s not salmonella, nor is it even the great Creme Egg debacle of 2015, when Cadbury announced that a creme egg would no longer be covered in dairy milk chocolate, but a “standard cocoa mix chocolate” and promptly lost more than £6m in sales. This is one from abroad.

Yes, there. That place that will be forever not Britain, a place full of nasty untrustworthy foreigners who, apart from their funny languages and woeful tendency to want to come here, now seem to have been contaminating eggs with insecticide,with around 700,000 of them arriving here. An ovum fifth column designed to cause chaos and destruction while we innocently go about our business buying ready-made sandwiches and salads to eat on trains and at desks, eschewing that suspect continental idea of a proper sit-down lunch.

What is fipronil?

The food morality police are lining up to preach about how our broken food system doing untold harm to our health

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