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Jay Rayner was wrong not to join an official discussion – the country needs his expertise

It was disheartening to read of Jay Rayner’s decision to decline an invitation from the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs to join a round-table discussion for “innovative thinkers” and forgo a golden opportunity to present a cogent argument within a forum that would directly influence food policy and affect all our lives (“Brexit will affect every aspect of our food chain and imperils the health of the nation”, In Focus).

As the number of quality politicians and civil servants declines, so our role on the world, and now European, stage has waned. If we are not to vanish further into the wings, talented, well-balanced and influential individuals from all disciplines of the private sector, such as Rayner, need the courage and determination to engage with our ailing government departments from the inside for the greater public good, regardless of personal discomfort.
Stuart Houghton

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