Fast-food salad recipes: ham hock waldorf, cabbage som tam and raw veg with comté and preserved lemon


Salad rarely tops any fast-food lists, yet Black Axe Mangal’s head chef, Lee Tiernan, swears it should. Here are three of his punch-packing dishes – taking all of 10 minutes to assemble

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “fast food”? Burger? Fried chicken? Late-night kebab? “Salt and vinegar on those, mate?” Yes, please. To all of it. “Fast food”, two words that, for me, conjure up a spectrum of feelings from pleasure and satisfaction to a mild self-loathing, countered by a healthy dose of “I don’t give a crap”.

“Instant gratification” is an expression I often use to describe my habits when it comes to food. I can’t suck a lollipop; I never win the “who can make the sweet last the longest competition” with my kids. I don’t even try. I just crunch my way through that ball of hard sugar, spending longer picking the resulting debris out of my teeth. Hence my affection for fast food. And the truth is, fast food isn’t always bad. What makes it so attractive, I realise, is the convenience, and the fact that it is immensely and immediately satisfying. But satisfaction and convenience can also be found in other healthier food options. Salads are one, and they are often overlooked. Quick preparation of simple, mostly raw ingredients is within everyone’s reach, capabilities and budget.

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