'It takes balls of steel': fighting UK supermarkets for equal pay


The women behind the largest corporate equal pay claim in the UK

The campaigners shaking up film and TV

The MP activists cleaning up Westminster

Actors, directors and producers changing theatre

Sportspeople pushing for a level playing field

Four days a week, sometimes five if she can get an extra shift, Zahra Hussein, 21, gets up at 1.30am and heads to work at her local Sainsbury’s, where she clocks on at 3am.

Currently in her second year of studying for a science degree, Hussein started her job as a Sainsbury’s code checker 18 months ago; she’s responsible for making sure that perishable food is in date and safe to eat. She also marks any price reductions, replenishes stock from large metal cages which she pushes out on to the shop floor, and deals with customer queries. For this, she earns £8 an hour, or £32 for each four-hour shift. There is no uplift in the rate for starting early.

Someone’s been working here for 20 years and they’re thinking: why haven’t they got this sorted yet?

It’s not just for the likes of me; I’m nearly 60. I wouldn’t want my daughter to be paid less than a man

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