‘I’ve become a rummager, a magpie of sorts’: Samin Nosrat


Treasured gifts, fresh herbs and ‘obnoxiously large utensils’ surround the cooking of the Chez Panisse chef and food writer

I live in North Berkeley, California, a few blocks from Chez Panisse. I moved here about 9 years ago, when I was 29. I’m 38 now, and I feel like the apartment – certainly the kitchen – has grown up with me. The front door of the apartment opens right into the kitchen; it’s a small room but it has a lot of windows, so it’s beautifully light. And a lot of the time I use the patio as an extension of my cooking space. I have a lot of plants – my living room is like a jungle. I like the idea of bringing the outside in.

I always joke that if I write a memoir it’ll be called A Bay Leaf in Every Pot. Often recipes will call for a bay leaf, and I didn’t really understand what the bay leaf was doing until I had fresh bay for the first time – it blew my mind; the aroma was so incredible. So I bought a small plant, and now I put a leaf in everything I cook.

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