Nigel Slater’s jam and pickle recipes


Making preserves can be fun. But don’t expect them to last long when they taste this good…

I love sitting in the kitchen, coffee in hand, listening to jam bubbling on the stove. Another day it may be the pickling liquor lined up for bottling figs or apricots with the sting of vinegar and spices in the air.

None of this means I’m the sort of person with a larder full of neatly labelled preserving jars, destined to last for months, if not years. I make preserves in small amounts, sometimes only a jar or two at a time. They don’t last long. They are not meant to. I want to get the same chutney or jam out of the cupboard day after day. I steep something in vinegar or mix it with sugar not purely to preserve it but to make something instantly delicious. Something for now, rather than later.

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