Pork belly banh mi, scambled tofu, sweet potato mash | Yotam Ottolenghi’s coriander recipes


Coriander teases out the flavours of a rich sweet potato mash, a punchy bánh mì and a zingy tofu lime salad

How do you switch from loathing something to loving it so much that it’s almost an addiction? I used to have a physical aversion to coriander, and would make my mother swear she hadn’t added any to the soup before I’d even consider eating it. A decade later, I couldn’t get enough of her garlic and coriander mayonnaise, which became a staple at home, both then and now. I can’t recall the journey between the two extremes, but I now regularly sprinkle fresh coriander over whatever’s on my plate. This might not always make total sense, but there are worse things to be hooked on. These three recipes are a great way to satisfy the cravings …

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