Salmon Oscars and five gallons of hot fudge: catering for the Academy Awards


Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck has the unenviable task of feeding an army of stars, guests and workers on Oscars night. He discusses shopping with 50 tractor trailers and tickling John Travolta’s tastebuds

It’s hard to move far through the shopping malls of Los Angeles without encountering the name Wolfgang Puck. The Austrian-born chef, 67, moved to California in 1975 and soon earned fame and celebrity endorsements for the à la minute cuisine he served at fine-dining joints such as Spago in Beverly Hills and the Hotel Bel-Air. His empire now encompasses a couple of dozen fine-dining restaurants, four-score Wolfgang Puck Express franchises and a line of tinned tortilla soups.

Likewise, it’s hard to move far through the film business without at some point being proffered one of his signature smoked-salmon Oscars. Puck is the official caterer for the Academy Awards and it is his creations that will line 1,500 stomachs at the 89th Governors Ball, the official afterparty.

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