Stefano Manfredi's smoked leg ham, mushroom and sage pizza


The Italian-Australian chef aims to make pizza healthier and tastier with a new cook book that focuses on traditional pizza dough with fresh toppings

Pizza is probably the world’s most popular fast food and wherever it has gone, it has taken on the characteristics of its new home. While Italy, and more precisely Naples, is where it all began, there’s no doubt that pizza now belongs to the world. But something exciting is happening in pizza’s spiritual home. What I call the “new wave” of pizza has been gaining momentum in Italy in the last decade and that inspiring movement is the focus of this book.

I’ve noticed a huge change in the way it is made at every step of the process. It has been led by chefs/pizzaioli whose curiosity and eye for quality has led them back to the fundamental building blocks of pizza-making from the growing of the grain and the milling process to temperatures, fermentation and maturation times for the dough.

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