The Great British Bake Off 2017, episode four – as it happened


Caramel week in the tent. But who met a sticky end?

9.19pm BST

Well there we go. The thoroughly well-deserved Star Bakersanship award goes to Kate, while, in a surprise to no one, Tom’s back on the sleeper to Edinburgh. Is he from Edinburgh? Who cares. He’s from somewhere, and he’s back there now. Thanks to all of you for the BTL bantz, armchair psychology and comments subsequently removed by a moderator.

I’m off to down some syrup to cut through all this caramel. Or maybe I’ll borrow some of Prue’s lemons; she looks like she’s always got a few on the go. Come say hello on twitter, facebook or Instagram. Or just wiretap my house, and log a transcript of all my calls. That’s the sort of world we voluntarily live in now, isn’t it.

9.16pm BST

I meant The OA, not the OC. Which makes a little more sense with her weird hand movements.
Sorry to all OC fans who I inadvertently just outed.

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