‘This house has been entirely furnished with things I’ve found or been given’ | A cook’s kitchen


Flea-market finds and gifted cookware find a new lease of life with Zoe Adjonyoh

I’ve lived in this warehouse in east London since 2010, the year of my first peanut-butter stew experiment, which was the beginning of Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen. It’s a great big space, set back from the road, super quiet and peaceful and flooded with sunlight. When we moved in, it was essentially an empty white box – we built the kitchen and two bedrooms ourselves. It’s cosy, but cluttered. I love living right by the canal at the end of the road, and that in this little compound, everyone knows each other – there’s a great sense of community.

The asanka pot on the chopping board is basically a Ghanaian version of a pestle and mortar. Beautifully tactile, and very heavy, it’s a really versatile piece of kit: you cook in it, blend things in it. If I’m giving a lot of love and attention to a particular dish, I’m using the asanka pot. This house has been entirely furnished with things I’ve found or been given: I love rescuing things. At some point, a neighbour of mine, Kanchi, was moving to Berlin just as I was coming back to London, and in the crossover I inherited a lot of things from her: a pink van, this retro trolley and a few other bits and bobs.

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