Yotam Ottolenghi’s recipes for winter salads and slaws


Banish the February blues with a crunchy, vibrant winter salad

There are two ways to get warm and happy in the kitchen right now. One is to turn on the oven or stove, and put on a pot to simmer away for a good few hours. I love this sort of slow, warming and hearty cooking, because it challenges the cold and grey outdoors. The other way, though, is to meet the weather head on with a riot of colour, an abundance of freshness and the wake-up call of citrus fruit. Today’s recipes for raw meals in a bowl excite me as much as stews and soups at this time of the year; in fact, they’re so quick that four out of five are practically instant, involving little more than just grating veg. They’re like the friend who opts for a bracing swim over a hot bath, the one who wears a vibrant winter coat amid the sea of black and grey.

Grated veg may not seem the most obvious choice for the end of February, granted, but I challenge you to eat any of these dishes and not feel just a bit warmed (by the spices and all that grating), sweetened (by all the root vegetables), satisfied and enriched (by the nuts and cheese).

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