Chipocalypse: potato shortage in New Zealand sparks crisp crisis


Fears grow of ‘potatogeddon’ after up to 30% of the crop are hit by heavy rains blamed on climate change

A year of heavy rains has devastated New Zealand’s potato crop, prompting fears of a “chipocalypse”.

The rainfall, which included two “weather bombs” and two serious floods in both the North and South Island, has wiped out 20% of New Zealand’s annual potato crop, and 30% in the regions most affected, with the “crisping” varieties for potato chips taking the biggest hit.

Re: NZ #chipocalypse. Yes, there’s a potato shortage. But before anyone suggests them, kale chips are an abomination.

If we time the trademe auction right for Christmas, our 2 bags of Bluebird Chips should raise enough for a house deposit #chipocalypse

If it takes a #chipocalypse to make NZers serious about climate change, then so be it

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