Gill Meller’s kitchen: ‘Every time I’d steal a wooden spoon, as a memento’ | A cook’s kitchen


Hand-crafted knives, an oft‑signed table and pilfered wooden spoons are prized by the chef and food writer Gill Meller

We bought this old summer house about three years ago and made it big enough for our family. South-facing, it looks out over Lyme Bay – you get beautiful views in the summer and in the winter amazing storms coming in off the sea. I built the kitchen myself, with the help of some friends, out of floorboards and roofing timbers left over from building the house. Our work surface is a repurposed gym floor and the drawers came from a science lab.

I wanted to have a very simple shelf going across the entire back wall that I could put all my things on – it’s practical being able to see it all.

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