Green & Black’s new bar shows Fairtrade is under threat. But we still need it | Lucy Siegle


The brand’s first non-Fairtrade chocolate shows big food companies’ own ethical standards won’t solve the problems of global trade

Last night I dreamed of Mondelēz, (as in the transnational food and snack company that acquired Cadbury as Kraft and then changed its name). I’m sorry for that dreadful pun, but I really needed it. This is a miserable summer to be a mainstream ethical consumer. I am currently preoccupied by Mondelēz and the news that the ethical brand from its stable, Green & Blacks is – for the first time ever – launching a chocolate bar that is neither Fairtrade nor organic.

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For some, schadenfreude over this downturn in Fairtrade’s fortunes will be far more delicious than the chocolate

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