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Kenmore 17.5 cu. ft. Chest Freezer

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Product Description

The Kenmore 12812 White 17.5 cu. ft. Chest Freezer is perfect for families who hate grocery shopping. Stock up on bulk foods, treats and pre-made meals without overstuffing the fridge with this 17.5 cu. ft. chest freezer. Heavy duty Adapt-N-Store baskets let you keep often-used items close at hand without blocking off the rest of the freezer while the adjustable temperature control lets you keep your stash of food at the perfect level of chill. Easy to clean and drain, this Kenmore chest freezer makes it easy to stock up on good groceries with less trips to the grocery store. Plenty of Storage Capacity This Kenmore chest freezer has a huge 17.5 cu. ft. of interior capacity, perfect for loading in bulk foods like meat, fruit and pre-made meals. No more overloading the kitchen freezer just to cut down on grocery trips. Grab What Your Need Heavy-duty Adapt-N-Store full width sliding storage baskets let you keep household staples at the ready without blocking off the rest of the freezer. Stack and organize bulk items below according to date, a household menu or however else you prefer. Easy Temp Control and Drainage A small interior temperature control knob lets you optimize the interior freezer temperature with a simple twist. The defrost drain makes it easy to get water out of the freezer so you won’t have to strain to reach the bottom of the freezer. Perfect for the Family Put this freezer in the garage, basement or even a pantry. Stash fresh meat from hunting season, bulk groceries and pre-made casseroles for potlucks and family dinners so you’ll always have good food on hand without crowding the kitchen fridge. The exterior lock keeps unwanted snackers out of your food while the LED lighting lets you find just what you need, no digging needed. Added on June 02, 2015

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