Threats to boycott Tesco after Muslim family features in Christmas ad


Social media users react badly to TV campaign, with some suggesting the supermarket chain has ‘erased’ Christmas

Tesco is facing a social media backlash after launching a video asking customers what they enjoyed eating at Christmas.

Asking “Turkey? Sauerkraut? Pie? Which food makes your Christmas dinner?”, the 16-second clip features customers describing their favourite festive foods.

Turkey? Sauerkraut? Pie? Which food makes your Christmas dinner?

However you do Christmas, Everyone’s Welcome at Tesco. #EveryonesWelcome

It honestly baffles me that it’s 2017 and idiots are planning to boycott Tesco because they showed a Muslim family on their Christmas advert 90% of those will be the same ones who shout their mouths of about “if they’re in our country, they live by our rules” #cantwin #tesco

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All un-stunned halal meat is labelled as such, so no customer will be sold un-stunned Halal meat without knowing.

Lara – Customer Care

Hi Zohra, I am sorry to say that no we will not be selling Halal turkeys in store this year. Also are you referring to a Halal roasting joint or a Non Halal roasting joint? Thanks – Callum

Was in Tesco earlier.

Their entire Christmas shelf – cards, wrapping paper, confectionary – not a single mention of the word “Christmas”. Not a single one.

Christmas cards are now called “charity cards”.

Pathetic. Truly pathetic.@Tesco

They’re not even calling them “Christmas crackers” anymore.

48 variations of Christmas crackers. They really hate Christmas.

I agree with @PrisonPlanet – it’s terrible that Tesco has decided to ban Christmas completely.

Wait, what..?

If you’re offended by the Tesco Christmas advert then PLEASE boycott the stores so I don’t have to see your racist faces when I’m choosing my Brussels sprouts.

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