Wedding wines that will get a great reception


At a loss for what to serve at your impending nuputials? Here are a few suggestions

It will not be possible, as you may realise with dread, to avoid the subject of weddings over the next seven days – that wedding, in particular. At the time of writing, it hasn’t been revealed what the guests are drinking, but we do know that the future Mrs Windsor is partial to a Tignanello, or Tig, as she affectionately referred to it in her blog. At least we’ll have a member of the royal family who is a great wine lover.

So, what of the rest of you who are getting married this summer and don’t have a super-Tuscan budget? For most, the priority is to find a simple, inexpensive red and white, and, given the age and inherent conservatism of the guests at most weddings, I’d be tempted to stick to France as a source.

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