What a ‘no deal’ Brexit would mean for key UK industries


European commission warns of serious consequences for industries including aviation, agriculture, food and drink

More than 2,600 drugs are manufactured, at least in part, in the UK, and many are shipped to the continent. All of those drugs need to be authorised by the European Medicines Agency, which is moving from the UK to Amsterdam after Brexit. If there is no agreement struck that the EMA will remain the “marketing authorisation holder” for the UK, then there will be a fracture. All drugs made in the UK and going to the EU will need to be retested once exported, and vice versa. The process of tests on both sides of the Channel and Irish Sea will slow down the supply of new drugs on to the market. The EU has warned the pharma sector to rethink its supply chains, and make contingency plans.

Staying in the single market and customs union

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