Wool boss apologises for secretly watching focus group through one-way mirror


Senate committee examines claims of toxic culture inside wool industry amid calls for Wal Merriman’s resignation

The head of the Australian wool industry has apologised for secretly viewing a focus group of stud breeders through a one-way mirror.

The Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) chairman, Wal Merriman, told a Senate committee in Canberra the infamous “man-in-the-mirror” incident did not meet best practice or the sensibilities of wool growers.

It’s fair to say AWI has had a difficult few months, mostly caused by me.

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In 10 years rural reporting I don’t recall anyone “from the bush” telling me to “f*ck off” while doing my job. Let alone an industry leader. https://t.co/qMUds54lMF

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