Yotam Ottolenghi’s recipes for light and easy post-Christmas relief


The last thing you need right now is more dishes to add to the groaning Christmas table, so instead here are a few platefuls of sanctuary for the days ahead

Half the challenge at this time of year is to plan what you’re going to eat on Christmas Day and to stick to it, so the last thing you need from me is more ideas about what to cook. Sure, every year there are recipes that claim to be the ultimate and only way to cook a carrot, potato or turkey, but the menu you devised way before 2017’s avalanche of Christmas advice even started will in all likelihood still be more delicious.

So, no festive recipes this week. Instead I offer meals to provide light and easy relief from the main event. These are dishes you may well be able to put together largely from what you’ve already got in the cupboard or fridge; though quick to make, they are confident enough to hold their own against the bird and all the rest. Not only that, but they are as good as light standalone meals as they are as support acts for the Christmas leftovers: pair the little gem and anchovy mayonnaise salad with cold roast turkey or chicken, for example, and you might just wish you’d put the two together for the main event itself. And if that gives you one more idea of what you could make on Monday, I’m (sort of, but not really) sorry. Happy Christmas!

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